The question I get asked most is “What is your daily nootropic stack Archie?”
So, I thought I’d answer that one today for you…

Here’s my typical day:
(Note: I take weekends off from all supplementation except protein shakes)

AM Stack (Breakfast)

2 Nitrovit capsules
2 Nitroamp capsules (if training/jogging)
2 Nitrodrive capsules
800mg of Piracetam
1 Blackmore’s Multivitamin + Minerals tablet
1000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

PM Stack (Lunch)

1 Nitrovit capsule
1 Nitroamp Capsule (If faced with a long afternoon of meetings)
1-2 Nitropept capsules (if under pressure to perform mentally)
1 ON Nutrition Chocolate protein shake (with water or pistachio/almond milk)
3 ON Nutrition ZMA caps


The reasoning behind my stack

AM stack – I focus on long term benefits and so take Nitrovit with a fat. Bacon, Avocado, Salmon all works well. Anything basically rich in healthy fats works well for some of the ingredients to bind to for better bioavailability (Noopept for example).
If I wake up tired, I skip breakfast and take Nitrovit without food – the long term the benefits are different – but short term you get one hell of a kick, and that powers me through till lunch.

If training (I enjoy working out at the gym, and jogging) then I’ll take 2 Nitroamp capsules too (20 minutes before exercise). I usually only take Nitroamp 4 days a week max as I do love sitting in the mornings with a large coffee (it’s good for the soul).

(Note: If I have a meeting in the afternoon which I know could drag on, or is “information intensive” then I’ll take a Nitroamp then too).

I also take 800mg of Piracetam. Piracetam is a nootropic cousin of Noopept and similar in chemical structure. I’ll leave you to do your own research around it, but I personally find it kills anxiety within 15 minutes of taking. There are a lot of benefits to be had in terms of mental energy from taking 1.6g upwards, but Nitrovit is enough for me personally so I use it purely for its effects on mood and anxiety.

I always take a Blackmore’s “Multivitamin + Minerals” tablet daily. I like Blackmore’s as I find their ingredients to be of a high quality. With multivitamins – believe it or not – you really do get what you pay for.

1000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – which I believe to be a great nootropic for weight management (fat loss), and for blasting away mental fatigue. (Do not confuse with L- Carnitine which only aids fat loss). I alternate usually between Dymatize and Swanson’s brands.

Now the ALCAR may come as a surprise as Nitrovit already features ALCAR, but only a small dose. I put ALCAR in because it has wonderful interactions with the Alpha GPC in Nitrovit… But I never went with putting a large dose in Nitrovit as I find it can be a little overpowering for some when it comes to getting to sleep.

Not everyone is after weight management also, and while obviously ALCAR isn’t some wonder diet pill and does need to be paired with a fitness regime to extract the benefits, when I do train the additional does a great job of boosting my metabolism. This helps me avoid ‘cardboard’ diets and weight loss meals.
Again, if you decide to look into ALCAR, I’d advise taking it in the AM as it can keep you alert and awake at night time if taken too late in the afternoon.

Lastly I take 2 Nitrodrive capsules around 11am. I find great benefit in the boost the ingredients in Nitrodrive give me and would recommend you try it for 15 days if over the age of 30. I have a lot more stamina than most people half my age, and the lagging libido issues I once suffered as an older man no longer plague me. The wife is happy ha-ha!

Directly after lunch I will take another Nitrovit capsule (totaling 3 a day, 5 days a week). I take this by 2pm latest so as not to disturb sleep (though I’ve never really had an issue with this).

At 8pm I will take a protein shake (I am currently using On Nutrition’s ‘Rich Chocolate’ product which tastes great). I take this in the evening to give my body something to feast on when I sleep (I rarely eat after 8pm anymore) as the protein wards off hunger until the morning.

Some disagree with me saying it is better to carb load at 8pm so your body has carbohydrate fuel throughout the night, but I’m not out to pack on any real size and find protein to keep me slim and ‘light on my feet’.

If I really need a boost of pure focus, I will take a single capsule of Nitropept – though I discard the capsule. Instead I take Nitropept “sublingually” – Which means I carefully pull the 2 capsule halves apart and pour the contains under my tongue – where I let it sit for 5 minutes.

It does taste disgusting, and you obviously can’t talk as you need to keep your mouth shut, but Noopept should really always be taken sublingually. This way it can enter the bloodstream much easier via the thin membrane under the tongue, as opposed to entering the digestive system with most being lost.

If you haven’t tried Nitropept under the tongue I highly recommend it. It is really the closest thing to getting that ‘limitless feeling’ and can be quite a journey. The effects usually last no more than an hour maximum with 2 capsule loads, but again, it can be intense and so I only do this if trying to beat a deadline, or to get on top of my email inbox!

I will also add that if you eat a diet high in protein, or don’t consume enough water daily then I would add a quality fish oil supplement too to avoid constipation. Protein can do that to you and there is no worse feeling. I eat a lot of fat and oily fish so rarely need a supplement, but if going abroad (somewhere hot) or if approaching a heatwave, I’ll add a fish or krill oil supplement to help flushing the system out as it were. (By quality I mean high in EPA and DHA).

Again, I take weekends off from all supplements unless something specific is happening. It is always good to reset the system and cycling helps avoid tolerance build-up so you can continue benefitting from the results.

So, there you have it – my own daily routine.
Please note that this is really my own personal take on what a fundamental stack should look like when supplementing with NITROvit, and you should take this advice with discretion. I feel fantastic and only wish I had felt this good when I was younger. My Doc is impressed too with my health.

Of course, there are a myriad of different nootropics that like “pizza toppings” can be added to Nitrovit’s “Pizza base” for those looking to enhance their experience and venture into the world of advanced nootropics. The ‘Racetam’ family is a great place to start if you don’t mind synthetics, or you could go natural with some of the many nootropic mushrooms. I highly recommend Cordyceps (BUT DO NOT TYPE CORDYCEPS INTO GOOGLE IMAGES! – you’ve been warned). Lion’s Mane and Reishi are also some great mushrooms that can help with mental clarity and mood, and will generally make you a ‘fungi’ to be around Ha-ha! (… sorry).


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All the best to you my friend and never hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.

Written by Mark