Archie speaking. I hope this message finds you safe and well.

This ‘month end’ email is packed – including a super easy competition.

So grab a coffee and take a couple of minutes to digest this short read.


OK, so in this months email:

1) Should I take Nitrovit with or without food? (Includes my regimen)
2) 30% off the Biohack pack
3) 20% off Nitrovit
4) The current crisis affecting shipping internationally
5) The supplement Manual – Did you receive it?
6) Working from home? Try these 37 tips to create a more productive work area
7) Owed a gift code? Here’s what to do if you didn’t receive yours
8) Competition – Win a Biohack Pack + runners up.

YES! There’s a competition! So keep reading…


Nitrovit – With or without food?

One of the email questions I get asked a lot is whether Nitrovit’s nootropics work better with or without food?

The correct answer is actually both.

I’ll explain…

You see both options can offer unique benefits, because whether you take nootropics with food or not (at least healthy fatty foods such as salmon, bacon, avocado etc.) can have a serious effect on how the body metabolizes them.


Nootropics without food –

To keep it short, some of the nootropics have a more stimulating effect – hence improved energy and alertness – when taken on an empty stomach.

This can often enhance the chances of one ‘feeling’ the stimulating nootropics – Noopept being an example – at an ‘amplified level’ as the nootropics are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and cross the blood-brain barrier.


Nootropics with food –

Some of the nootropic ingredients however have different interactions when taken with food. They may for example bind to proteins in healthy ‘fatty’ foods improving bioavailability.

It’s a huge subject and there is no set rule, but in general, it would seem the studies show that immediate benefits (extended energy, alertness, focus) appear often from taking most nootropics (at least water soluble) without food.

And that long-term benefits to brain functions such as memory formation and recall, and long-term health such as the breakdown of artery clogging Lipofuscin generally tend to be offered when taken with fatty foods or a fish oil supplement.

I’m not 100% on the above being a fixed rule for all – mostly due to there being so many different nootropics with different mechanisms of action, but in summary I personally work to this for what it is worth:

If I have a heavy day ahead of me, or I’m feeling flat, I’ll take Nitrovit, Nitrodrive, and Nitroamp (together @ 3 x Vit. 2 x Drive, and 2 x Amp) a good hour or two before food.

NOTE: I personally eat late (11am usually) as I like to fast/calorie restrict from 8pm until 11am the following day.

So I usually take the Biohack Pack (all 3 Nitro supplements) at between 8 – 9am. I don’t sweat the 60 minutes – so long as I always take them (5 days a week).

If however I’ve woken already feeling sharp and full of beans – as is often the case – then I’ll take Nitroamp as usual (between 8 – 9am) BUT Nitrovit at 11am with my breakfast giving its nootropics the chance to bind to what I am eating for better absorption.

If I don’t need the energy right there and then I may as well leverage some of the long-terms gains offered from supplementing with choline and B vitamins for example.

It’s not just the Biohack Pack I take however. I also top up with 1 pack of ‘Animal Stak‘ every day. While aimed at bodybuilders, I felt Animal Stak was the most advanced ‘all round multivitamin’ I could find to pair with Nitrovit, Nitrodrive, and Nitroamp.

It’s worth checking out if you exercise/are active – but skip it if you are static or a couch potato.
I do often have a protein shake with 1 gram of Creatine around 10:00am most days after workout which fends off the hunger pangs.

Nitroamp can be taken every single day – it is all natural and all organic. I would just advice to take a couple days rest to avoid tolerance build-up and because the dopamine receptors enjoy a day off now and again too!

This works for me, but experimentation is probably best for your own body. Try different schedules and assess how you feel in terms of mental energy and clarity, and make adjustments until you get optimal results.

I hope the above provides some insights that may help as to how to better schedule your supplement regimen.


Nootropics with food in summary:

if you feel flat and need a boost take the supplements without food.

If you’re feeling on your game then leverage some of the ‘unseen’ long-term benefits working away in the background by taking your Nitrovit with fatty food.

(And no, fat doesn’t make you fat – sugar and a sedentary lifestyle do).

Don’t forget you can always split your stack so that you perhaps take 2 capsules in the morning, and 1 capsule after lunch.

Taking Nitrovit in 2 sittings per day gets the best ‘instant’ results and is the way to go for many who experience afternoon slumps. That is if you don’t find taking Nitrovit later in the afternoon disruptive to your sleep.



30% OFF The Biohack Pack

If you haven’t yet, I’d love you to experience 30-days on the Biohack stack. That is Nitrovit, Nitroamp, and Nitrodrive taken together daily as I use them.

To encourage you to try my stack I’m making it as affordable as possible…


For the next 72 hours you can take 30% off your order by using the code: complete30


You can go there and take advantage now by clicking this link:



20% OFF Nitrovit

As always, as a loyal customer you can enjoy 20% off any other purchase by checking out using the code: vit20

You can use that now here:



How shipping Nitrovit internationally is currently being affected

So there is good news and bad news…

The good is that shipping times have not changed and your orders are arriving into nearly all international countries within 10 – 14 days.

The bad news however is that many countries Customs departments are taking much longer than usual to process and clear parcels from abroad.

One example is Italy, who have told us directly that Customs are backlogged by 15 days currently as they work on lower staff numbers and have to sanitize every parcel in.

95% of countries we ship to including Canada, the UK, and Australia are running relatively smoothly it seems, but please expect if ordering from abroad that the current situation may cause a slightly longer shipping time than stated on our website.



Did you receive your Nitrovit Supplement Manual?

During lockdown we took the chance to double check all our systems and discovered that the Supplement Manual email that normally gets sent an hour after you order lost connection at some point, so I’m guessing you may have not received it.

If that’s the case you can find the Supplement Manual here. It’s a short read that details how to get the best results from your Nitro supplement: Nitrovit Supplement Manual



Working from home? Try these 37 Productivity Tips

Having spent a large portion of the past few years working from home, I realized the success of my day was largely determined by my productivity and focus.


Of course, our work area and desk setup play a big role in how productive we are, and so I put pen to paper and listed the best workspace set-up tips and hacks to get the most from every hour spent working at home.

I’ve actioned about 90% of my own tips and have had amazing results.

It’s not all ‘sit up straight’ and ‘ergonomic footrests’ – there’s some odd ones in there including my recipe for a Margarita!

If you want to know how we go from running a dual monitor set-up to making Margaritas for improved focus (!) you’ll need to read for yourself.


Did you know? If there is a pot plant or greenery within your peripheral vision when working scientists have recorded an increase of productivity by 15%? – It’s all true, low cost and easy for you to apply to your work space.

There are 36 more great proven tips like that, and while a slightly lengthy read, you can break it down into 37 individual strategies to action over 37 days to get your desk area optimized for productivity.


Here’s the link for you to go and read it:



Purchased Nitrovit recently? Did you receive your gift code?

If you purchased within the past couple of months when we couldn’t manufacture stock, I will have sent you an email explaining the delay, and among some other bonuses, offered $40 worth of Project Noo You gift codes.

I did email every one personally with the code, but did get a few notifications stating my email could not be delivered.

If you haven’t received your code, it isn’t me reneging, but rather unable to contact you.

Please reach out to me on this email any time if you didn’t get yours and I’ll let you know the code to use.

Thanks again for your patience during that time, and for the lovely messages of support I received.



The worlds easiest Nitrovit competition?

As promised to the many that requested it, I brought an upgraded Nitrodrive back into stock at the beginning of this year. The question is what’s next?…

If you could see one new supplement in the store what would it be?

  • A high end Protein powder?
  • Joint or anti-aging formulas?
  • What about a coffee with nootropics in it?
  • How about a single Nootropic such as Noopept?

There are so many solutions out there to help us all wake feeling great, youthful, and focused – but what do you think should be the next supplement added to the line?

Let me know by replying to this email and I’ll choose my favorite suggestion for the main prize.

You don’t need an explanation as to why, but you might get a bonus point or two for suggesting a good name we could call your chosen supplement if we put it in the store.

1st Prize = 1 x Biohack Pack
2nd Prize = 1 x Nitrovit Starter Pack
3rd Prize = 1 x Nitrodrive Energizer Pack

I’ll announce the winners on the 5th of August via email so look out for that.


REMEMBER: In the past, every body has suffered from the ‘I never win anything so won’t enter’ disease and in one competition we only had 2 entrees out of the thousands of people who received the email – so don’t procrastinate. You very well COULD win just by taking a minute to enter.

Again, all you need do is reply to this email saying something like “Hi Archie, I’d like to see you stock XX Supplement.” and you’ll stand a high chance of getting some Nitrovit on me.

Good luck!



My apologies for the essay, and congratulations if you got this far!

Thank you also for caring enough to take the time to read.


As always I wish you a great month ahead. The goal as always is to out perform last month… Be that in health, wealth, fulfilment and happiness.

Stay safe out there and as always, let us be mindful of the input we subject ourselves too.

It seems the media is even more loaded and divisive today as they were 7 years ago when I threw my television out.

Not waking up to that negativity first thing in the morning changed my life.


If you’re not feeling rock and roll enough to launch your flat screen out of the bedroom window (and I’m not suggesting it!) then just ‘stick it to the man’ by paying as little attention to the media headlines as possible.

When people want to know my opinion on politics, cultural issues and so on – I simply reply that I’m too busy to pay any attention. And I am.

Let those with too much time on their hands and not enough purpose in life go around preaching doom and gloom, and let us ignore it and just focus on ourselves and our families.

Life’s tough enough without drinking the poison every day offered by the media outlets that benefit off our fear and self-loathing.

So like me, ignore it all and keep this month’s energy purely focused on accomplishing more than you did last month.

That’s my 2 cent’s worth anyway.

Until we speak again on the 5th with the competition winners, all the best you and your family, keep safe, and stay positive.

P.S. The 30% off the Biohack Pack is open for the next 72 hours only.

Written by Mark