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Stacking nootropics for beginners

When starting out Nootropic beginners tend to find themselves seeking out the infamous ‘Smart Caffeine’ stack and mood booster.

It enables them to get a feel for the benefits of Nootropics without jumping in headfirst into a pool of rocket fuel.

This stack simply consists of:

Natural Caffeine – 100mg +
L-Theanine - 100mg+

L-Theanine is ‘an amino acid, a building block for protein’ - Melinda Ratini, DO

When combined with caffeine it creates long last energy without the jitters and crashes that you might experience when taking high doses of caffeine.

The result is a smooth energy state perfect for analytical or creative work. And great for anyone who feels like they need their moment of focus and ‘flow state’ to last longer.


So, if this is the starting block for Nootropic beginners, what’s next?

Where did your Nootropic journey begin? What stacks did you find effective when you first started out?