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Nitrovit users – A guide to get the best results.

The recommended daily dose of NITROvit is 3 capsules taken on an empty stomach.

However, due to the Huperzine-A and Noopept content in NITROvit, it is recommended that the product be cycled.

That is you stop taking NITROvit intermittently.

Dr. Rita Ostrovskaya, world-leading expert and co-founder of Noopept, determined cycling helps return the best results and aids avoiding tolerance build ups.

It is advised you cycle as follows: 5 days on, 2 days off

Make your 2 rest days the days you are least likely to be facing mental stress or fatigue – perhaps weekends for example.

If you work out regularly you may benefit from increased focus, performance, and intensity during workouts by further supplementing with 2 NITROamp capsules 15 minutes before physical activity.

Please remember to stay hydrated with adequate water. If you are a light sleeper and experience disturbed sleep, please refrain from consuming NITROvit and NITROamp after 3pm.


But I know that this community of highly productive, experimental and awesome individuals will have their own ideas of how best to take this product.

What method of dosing and cycling has worked for you?