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Your hand starts to tremble. Your heart races. You feel depleted. You’re positive that the coffee jitters have acted up again. You know you overstepped your bounds, but you just couldn’t help it. You really needed that extra cup of coffee this morning. But now, you’re paying the price. The coffee backfired on you again. …

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Bromantane: Analyzing the Evidence and Benefits of a Unique Nootropic Supplement Bromantane is considered a novel nootropic with psychostimulatory effects. It is also considered to be actoprotector. Essentially meaning that they are synthetic adaptogens with a significant magnitude that can improve physical performance. This nootropic supplement is said to work fairly quickly to boost alertness, motivation and …

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The brain has been used both by people who believe in a Creator and by people who see the brain as the pinnacle of evolution and natural selection. While this blog section is not going to attempt an answer to this debate, an interesting research study on the topic just came out in a top …

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Supplements for Meditation Level 1 – Getting started Studies carried out over the years have proved beyond doubt that meditation positively changes the brain and provides both short and long-term benefits to cognitive function. This article looks at how supplements for meditation aids the cognitive improvements meditation can provide. Research has only strengthened the widely …

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